Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank You

Have you kissed a Veteran today? No? What are you waiting for?

There is so much to catch up on I can't possibly remember it all.

I'll start with Sammy and his Christmas wishes.

Sammy asked for a ceiling fan in his bedroom for Christmas. Because Sammy is very well loved, his grandfather came up to visit and he and my husband installed one together in October.

Sammy loves his ceiling fan but he had no problem coming up with a replacement present idea. He wants a cell phone that takes pictures.

I've seen one on sale for thirty dollars at Walmart. He really only wants to take pictures so adding minutes to it isn't necessary. Not only is it not necessary, it is not an option.

Little Mr. Dialing fingers dialed 911 from my home phone not long ago. I had no clue until my phone rang and it was the dispatcher on the other end.

I assured her that it was my son and it was a mistake. Then I hung up and scolded him.

Half an hour later a policeman showed up on our porch. Sammy saw him and said, "I don't want to go to the hospital."

The policeman replied, "I don't take people to the hospital. I take them to jail."

Sammy, frantic by now, blurted, "I don't want to go to jail. I LOVE YOU!"

The policeman told him 911 was for emergencies only. Sammy was traumatized. I KNOW he won't be calling 911 again.

The only problem is I think he may be too scared to call if it IS a true emergency.

I can see it now.

"Okay, Mom fell and broke her leg. Should I call 911 or will that policeman come back? THINK, Sammy, THINK!"
He also made Halloween interesting.

After the ringing of the doorbell, ferociously fought over by both siblings, he yelled out, "Trick or Treating!"

Then when the occupant came to the door, he would ask, "Do you have a ceiling fan?" He also attempted to barge into houses to see.

At every house I had to explain that he really loved ceiling fans.

One lady had one on her porch and she let him turn it on, an exciting moment indeed!
With the time change last weekend, I woke up an hour early on Monday. The clock said it was five. My body said it was six.

A better person would have hopped out of bed and made the most of it.

I've never claimed to be a better person.

I went back to sleep.
The root canal went well, what I remember of it.

I took a pill before bed that night, per the instructions. Then I took a pill in the morning. It made me a bit dizzy.

When I got to the dentist, I took another pill under my tongue. Then I took a pill crushed in water. Yick!

Soon I was feeling pretty darn relaxed. They put headphones on my ears with "soothing" music. It wasn't the kind of music I listen to but it turns out I really didn't give a rat's rump by that point.

The dentist numbed me and started drilling. I felt the drill. Normally this is the point where I fly ten feet in the air. Instead I calmly held up my hand. He numbed me exactly in the correct spot.

Fifteen minutes later I was done. It was actually two hours but it FELT like fifteen minutes.

My husband drove me home. I have been told I resembled a bobblehead doll in the passenger seat.

Now I had assumed I would have my appointment that day and be ready to run errands two hours later. Har de har har. I slept most of the day away and all that night. The next day I was still a bit high. Holy guacamole.

If I ever have a root canal again, that's the way I want to go.
We are now dog-free. The dogs have gone to a very nice lady who does Boston Terrier rescue.

Here are things I will and did put up with: Drooling, hair, dog smell, dirt on the wall where they rubbed up against it, farting, snoring, incessant ball licking, sneaking on the couch when I wasn't looking.

But there is a dealbreaker. That would be biting my son when he takes a toy away.

He is fine but we got lucky.

They were and are really great dogs for an adult household. I am sad and I will miss them.

But I know they will be happier where they go. Sammy was too rough. Also, since they will be going to child-free households, chances are they will be the child.

A dog can't ask for more than that.