Thursday, February 28, 2008

Question about Bec's Blog

I can't get to Bec's blog anymore. Do I have to pay for type pad? Or have I been evicted from preferred commenters?

Does anyone know?

Happy Birthday Little Man

Today is Sammy's fifth birthday. He has taken us on a path we never thought to follow. It's been a roller coaster ride but I'm happy to say the ups are more freqent than the downs.

Happy Birthday child of my heart.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Hey all, still here kind of.

I've heard in civilized countries one can walk into the drugstore and buy cough syrup with codeine.

Is it true?

Well it's not done here. Here we are punished for other people's addictions.

So if I want a decent cough syrup, I have to go to the doctor who will say, "Why yes you do have a cough."

Then my prescription has to be faxed (not carried by me) to the pharmacy.

Then my insurance company will only pay for a thimble-sized bottle that will not even last me the whole bout of my illness.

There are no pg rated words to describe my displeasure.

And did I not have this cough, I would not be blogging at almost one a.m. my time.

I do not want to go to the doctor. I'm sick. I want to stay home. The doctor's office is no place for a sick person. Ugh.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Something Smelt Fishy

My biological father was an avid fisherman. He had a small boat with an outboard motor which he enjoyed taking out on the lakes of Maine.

I don't think he was as great a fisherman as he suppposed he was. He often tied his own flies to which the fish responded har de har har. In retrospect, I think it was more about the boat and the beer.

But we did get to eat fish more often than the average family does. I think we mostly ate trout. My Mom fried it in a pan with cornmeal.

To this day I like very fishy fish. I have eaten oyster stew which gags a great many people. (okay most everybody) I don't like fish and chips, which my husband loves, because the fish doesn't taste at all fishy to me. I'll order clam strips or scallops instead.

Another fish I remember eating as a child besides trout was smelt. I can't remember what they tasted like but I remember they were easy to clean. Since the bones cook up to a soft texture, there is no need to take the bones out. You just lop off the head and clean out the entrails. Anbody gagging yet?

Last week I saw smelt in the grocery store and decided to cook some for my son. He's a big fish fan also.

Well when I opened the package, they stunk to high heavens. I checked the expiration date and they were not expired, though they smelled like it.

So I put them on the chopping board and started cleaning them. It's funny how things that didn't bug you as a child, disturb you as an adult. Their little eyes glared at me accusingly as I lopped their heads off. Cleaning out the entrails was a heap of fun too.

After they were cleaned, I breaded them and fried them. My whole kitchen smelled like (as my other dad puts it) something that needed to be cured.

I had hoped they wouldn't taste like they smelled. Bravely, I put one in my mouth. BLEH! Into the trash can they all went excluding the few the dogs ate.

That was some nasty fish. I'm not sure they are supposed to taste that way or smell that way, but I'll leave the fish cooking to the restaurant in the future. Anything in the grocery store with a head on it can stay the heck out of my cart, unless it's a beer.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Hey, how is everyone in blogland tonight? I logged in from California and boy are my arms tired! (Insert cheesy laugh here.)

My first noteworthy item is one of those things that is exciting to us here in dullsville. Sammy is potty trained at last! Yes, he's almost five but autism and potty training go together like Joel Osteen and Ozzy Osbourne. We are proud and happy, especially happy! No more poopy diapers. Now if I can just get that landfill renamed...

His therapies now go from 8:30 in the morning to 11:30 in the afternoon for five days a week. He has gotten very uncooperative so the three hours are spent with myself and the therapist alternately cajoling him to answer the questions. My internet time has been severely curtailed.

I never even reported on Jupiter's choir concert back in December. At this point, I have forgotten most of the pertinent details other than the fact that I accidentally sat in the farting section. I meant to sit in the no farting section but it was not to be. The last half of the very long concert was spent with me fighting the urge to find the culprit and set them on fire.

And what is up with the band teachers at the schools? I think they are told that they get three songs so they purposely dig for three songs that are at least ten minutes long each. The songs are unrecognizable, boring and all sound alike. Just when you think maybe the song is ending, it goes on again and on and on and on...I'd almost rather have a crown. At least the pain ends at some point.

I have broken every single one of my New Year's resolutions. Not only have I been eating gluten, I've gained thirteen pounds. Two bloggers I read are pregnant and neither one of them have gained that much. Maybe it's my sympathy weight gain. I have to blame it on somebody. Personal accountability? What's that?

And while I would love to actually go somewhere with this post, I'm drawing a blank, yep a big fat blank.

Talk to you all later when I've got something a little less dull to share.