Friday, August 26, 2011

Ode to My Porch Couch

I have a couch on my porch and yes I am aware of the fact it gives me instant redneck status. Originally I was going to put the couch in my house but it has become my outside refuge.

My friend gave me the couch. She mentioned she had put her old couch on a yard sale and I mentioned that I would have purchased it since our couches are ratty. She said if it didn't sell that day it was mine. That is how the couch came into my life. Have I ever mentioned I have really awesome friends?

I couldn't remember what the couch looked like due to my less than keen observational skills. The husband and I went and picked it up on a Sunday. It is a gray, older couch, with a few small tears and a faded cushion. Considering its age, it is obvious it has been well taken care of. It isn't a raving beauty but our couches at home are no beauty queens either so it I knew it would be in fine company. We loaded it up and took it home. Then we unloaded it as far as the porch. My husband said it didn't match our love seat so he was hesitant to replace our old couch with it. That was fine with me as I could still have it in the catch all room - more on the catch all room later.

Miss Kitty immediately gravitated to the couch. Her eyes lit up. "For me?" her little face asked. Unfortunately Miss Kitty passed away the next day but I know she thought we brought home that couch JUST FOR HER. In any case, she had claimed it.

I cleared a space in our catch all room for the couch. The catch all room is a room next to my kitchen that most people might use for a dining room or second living room. But we are full to the rafters. So the catch all room contains my computer and desk, my treadmill, an armoire, filing cabinets, a monstrous, teetering pile of home school stuff, and other various crap I can't manage to cram in our overflowing closets. Sounds lovely, huh? Anyway I cleared a spot for the couch but before we got around to moving it in the house, the clutter had encroached on my spot. The clutter has babies, people! Some day I'm setting up a hidden camera to prove my theory!

Our summer went by quickly while the couch waited patiently on the porch. At the end of summer, I finally had my husband turn it around since it was facing the wrong way. I draped it with a sheet and sat on it and Oh My! It was so comfortable it was like being cuddled in your mama's arms. All those suckers who had walked by it at the garage sale had no idea what they were passing up! There I was on a soft couch, looking out at our beautiful view. It was quiet and peaceful and amazing. The couch had been waiting all this time to show me what I was missing out on.

Our house has been full to the brim for a while with kids, cats and clutter. With the exception of the clutter, I enjoy it most of the time. But sometimes I want to get away from the noise just for a little bit. The solution to that had literally fallen in my lap. Actually I had fallen on its lap.

Now the couch is my place of serenity. I will take out a book and some tea and if the kids come out, I might let them stay or I might tell them I need to be alone in my peaceful place. I love my kids and do a lot for them so sometimes it is nice to be a bit selfish and take the time to recharge. Then I can put my cape back on, okay it's really an apron, and go back to work.

So yes I adore my old, sheet-draped couch on my front porch. Come on by and sit on it and I think you would too.