Monday, February 26, 2007

An Anti-Climatic Answer

If you didn't pay Rorschach donuts, no fair reading this first.

Go down one more post.

Come on now.

I'm waiting...

This answer isn't half as fun as the ones I got. I thought the middle donut resembled a praying alien.

Do aliens pray? If so, what do they call their god?

Maybe his prayer went like this.

Dear Zanzub,

Please, please let our domination of Earth go well and if it's not too much too ask, I would be thrilled if people tasted like chicken.


And the donut to the top right of the praying alien looked like a sperm cell to me. The one to the top left looked somewhat like a padlock, more so than it showed in the picture.

The fun part was we all saw different things.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Rorschach Donuts

Gluten-free cooking is often an adventure.

Some things come out wonderfully. I make a mean coffee cake. I have several chocolate cake recipes that are delicious. My gluten-free waffles are better than my original waffles. If SJ, hadn't hidden my waffle iron on me, I'd make them occasionally.

Some recipes convert more easily than others.

Things that have to be rolled out are especially difficult. Many things have to be patted out instead or dropped in globs on the baking sheet.

While there are some good donut recipes in my cookbooks, I have tried in vain to duplicate some of my mother's donut recipes she has handed to me.

The first time I tried to convert one, I wasn't especially experienced in gluten-free cooking. I tried again today with increased confidence and a chocolate recipe. They were ghastly.

One thing you don't do around here is tell the kids that you're making donuts and then say, "Oops, they came out crappy. No donuts for you."

That is a way to ensure you will be sleeping with one eye open.

After my chocolate donuts failed, I pulled out my Betty Hagman cookbook and found a recipe I knew was good. The only problem is that you are supposed to have a donut maker. I don't have one, nor do I need yet another kitchen gadget taking up space in my already cluttered kitchen.

No worries. All you really have to do is glop some donut batter off a spoon and watch the fun begin. You never know what they will be shaped like.

I bring you.....

Da Da Dum.....


The one in the middle looks like something to me but I want other opinions first to see if we match up.

This one looks like jellyfish after a science experiment gone awry.

If Old Hoss still visited, I'm sure he'd see that this one looks like a dung beetle.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Point Is?

Wouldn't it be nice if we could somehow post to our blog and clean our houses/do our jobs at the same time?

I'm not sure how many posts I have stored in my head and lost forever. Maybe if they were that important I would have remembered them.

Last night I was suffering from insomnia. This is very rare for me. I am normally so sleep-deprived, I am ready to hit the sack by eight at night and sleep through until six-thirty.

I would probably accidentally sleep later, but Cecil's morning bathroom needs keep me honest.

My mother says I have always been a tired person. I never made it through dinner as a child. She has pictures of me sleeping upright with my head in my plate.

It seems like it would have been easier and much less messy to give me a sandwich an hour before dinner, but I don't look as if I've ever missed a meal. She must have been feeding me something.

So I went to bed at eight Wednesday, completely exhausted, only sleep was elusive. I couldn't get comfortable. The bed felt lumpier than usual. It has one of those goose-down mattress toppers on top that my in-laws gave us.

My husband loves it. I hate it. I swear my side of the bed is lumpier than his.

I moved out to the couch around eight-thirty and crashed sometime past nine. Later I shuffled to my own bed.

But at twelve-thirty I was up again, with a headache! I woke up my husband from the couch and sent him to bed.

Then I tried to rest with him and SJ, who was also in the bed. Only I was squished and my head hurt and I was hot.

So I got up and took some migraine medicine, checked the bank account online, read a bit and perused the sales flyers. Safeway was advertising tofu for a dollar and pink lady apples for a dollar and twenty-eight cents a pound. Woo-hoot!

I went to SJ's bed and tossed for another hour. My head still hurt and I was queasy.

Then SJ woke up and I went back in my bedroom where it was still too hot and too squished.

Right around the time I started sleeping well, it was time to get up.


And my point is? I'm not even sure I had one. If I did, I'm too tired to remember.


Monday, February 19, 2007


He's not a baby anymore, but he still loves his Mama.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Great Cake Disaster

SJ's birthday isn't until the 28th but we celebrated this weekend. My in-laws were visiting and they wanted to give him his presents. Any excuse for cake is fine in my book!

There is no place to buy a gluten-free cake in this area so I couldn't cheat and have somebody else do it.

See this lovely picture in the cookbook? This is how the cake was supposed to look. I only had to bake a 9 x 13 cake, cut it in certain shapes, stack it, frost it and VOILA!

Only it looked like this. The picture was taken just befoooooore it listed sideways. Toothpicks were not helping.

So I disassembeled the cake. In reality, it disassembled itself. I laid the pieces next to each other and then VOILA.

It's a handy dandy dirtbike track.

If anybody wants to contribute to the funds for my children's future therapy, I'll give you my paypal i.d.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Happy Birthday to Me.

Happy Birthday to Me.

Oh crap, someone call the fire department.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Both of my children have seperate Valentine's Day parties tomorrow.

I purchased the valentines a few weeks ago. I think they have already lost most of them. So much for planning ahead.

Maybe it was only the brand of valentines I purchased, but I noticed there were no envelopes in the box. The "to" and "from" that are written on the valentine must be sufficient for today's children. I preferred the envelopes myself. It is probably another way to get the consumer to pay more for less.

My daughter actually has a list of her classmate's names. In former years, teachers have instructed my children to put their names after "from" but not to address the valentine to anyone specific.

I know this is done so that the dorky kid in the class gets as many valentines as the popular kid. However, it defeats the purpose of giving them out. At least that's my opinion.

Does anybody else remember that half the fun was picking out which valentine to give to which friend? Would the boy that you had a crush on get it when you gave him a valentine that said, "I'm hooked on you"?

I think not letting the kids fill out the "to" line takes out the majority of the fun.

Oh, and for the record, I was the dorky kid and I don't remember having a shortage of valentines.
Another relic of V-days past is the box we made at home for receiving our valentines.

Did anybody else do this? My favorite one was the pretend mailbox made out of half an oatmeal box and wrapped in tinfoil.

We could be as creative as we wanted.

Now the children make a heart-shaped envelope in class. Everybodys is the same.

Cecil was my shadow this morning.

When I showered and dried my hair, he was in the bathroom. Every time I walked out of the bathroom to grab some make-up he came after me.

Then he followed me back in, flopped in his bed and starting snoring contentedly.

Isn't it amazing what a dog will do for some water and kibble and the occasional belly rub or game of ball?

It's rather humbling when you think about it.

Thursday, February 08, 2007



ONE dirty house.

TWO kids with the flu.

THREE people coming to visit this weekend.

Somebody send help please!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Blog Hopping on a Friday Night

This idea was shamelessly stolen from East of Oregon.

I started with one of my links. I picked My Float.

My Float lives in New South Wales, AU. She summarized herself quite nicely in her "About Me" line. It reads, "I mother, I partner, I work. Sums it up really. Oh, and I blog."

My Float is a really nice person and a really good Mom. I can tell.

From My Float's blog, I followed the Redneck Mommy link.

Redneck Mommy lives in Canada. In her latest post, she chronicles her automobile's tendency to get stuck in snowbanks. Oh and her very pregnant friend pushed the car out for her last time she was stranded.

Redneck Mommy also has a Boston Terrier, a sign of a smart person if I ever saw one.

My next stop was Emma Sometimes. She lives in the Pacific Northwest, US. Emma is currently hosting a vote for the best mullet contest. Go vote before it's too late!

Also read her post that's titled "No Facial For Me." It's hilarious.

I had to hit the back button after Emma's blog. She didn't have any links.

Note to self: Plan ahead.

I was back at Redneck Mommy and I decided to visit MommyMatic. Her tag line was Don't Make Me Turn This Blog Around. She is currently freezing her assets off in Utah.

She's a 33 year old Cancer, who likes to take long walks on the beach. She IS a 33 year old Cancer. I made the beach part up.

Okay, it was time to wrap this up. Finding this many funny blogs in one night of hopping would increase my reading time exponentially.

The very last blog I picked was Fret Me Lisa purported to be, in Lisa's own words, Pennsylvania's Most Interesting Blog. I liked her posting on passports that was titled Pass Me The Port.

So, if you have time, you may want to check them out. So many blogs, so little time...