Thursday, September 22, 2005

Motel Hell

Oh boy, another lovely day of the house being uninhabitable. Right now we are in a hotel with high speed internet. Sounds relaxing, huh?


My husband hired a friend to help with the house. This morning they went and got windows. Then the friend left for a few hours to take care of some other things.

I took SJ for more assessments. He is definitely behind and next Thursday we will be doing our individual family assessment plan. This is where they set up what resources he will need and the schedule.

I got home, attempted to clean the kitchen and then the friend "K" showed up. Immediately SJ began to interfere with what he was trying to do. I packed up SJ and took off. This was at one. I told K and my husband that I would try to keep busy until four and then come home.

What a long day. Lots of time on the road, picking up of kids and running errands ensued. I got home. K had been kicking butt. The house was roached. All the ceilings were scraped. The kitchen linoleum was gone. White debris covered everything. The air was cloudy. A walked in barefoot and stabbed her foot on a carpet tack.

I told my hubby perhaps I should get a motel. I was hot and sweaty. I had been out for three hours. I needed to sit down. He agreed it would be best. Had I even known what I would come home to, I would have gotten the room at one o'clock.

I won't bore you with the details but when we got here the usual chaos and mayhem ensued. This mostly consists of keeping SJ out of the bathroom and keeping A from playing with the coffee pot.

While I was writing this, SJ just filled his diaper and stunk up the whole room. The wipes are down in the van and I can't find the keys. I very carefully sat him on the toilet and took off the diaper. Of course, a big turd fell on the bathroom floor. I had to pick it up and keep SJ from trying to rub his foot in it.

A wants to go swimming. Yeah, right. I am too pooped to poop, let alone take her to the pool. I am tired and sweaty and the damn air conditioning won't blow any colder than it is.

J knocked my dinner on the floor. Good thing it sucked or I would have been a whole lot more irritated.

J and A are screaming obnoxiously at each other.

I wish I we had gotten connecting hotel rooms. Then I could have just locked myself on one side and let my annoying little jungle animals stay on the other side chewing each other's legs, shrieking and crapping all over the place.

God, I sound like such a bitch.

I haven't got a chance to read my newspaper in five days. I know there are worse things in life, but I'm griping anyway.

I'm whining and I can't shut up! Self-pity is so boring!

So I will count my blessings. There are many of them. We are all healthy. This will come to an end and my house will enter the 2000's. (Well in the case of the kitchen, the 90's anyway!)

Oh and when I get my normal computer hooked back up, I have the cutest pics of our new puppy to share! She's sweet.

I think I will steal this chance to view your blogs. Yay!


Blogger Bearette24 said...

I'm eagerly awaiting the puppy pics ;)

8:38 PM  
Blogger OldHorsetailSnake said...

Damn! Last few sentences ruined everything. I was just about to invite everybody over to your pity party. Heh.

Hoss 1, Carolyn 0

7:20 AM  
Blogger CheerleadingTechie said...

You want a kitten to go with that puppy? lol j/k.

9:25 AM  

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