Thursday, October 20, 2005

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Tomorrow, my goal is to NOT turn on the computer. I am behind on so many things. I hope success will be mine, but it might be easier to give up my other drug. (coffee)
The parent-teacher conference for A went well. She is a little behind on her math. (my unfavorite subject!) Everything else is progressing fine. She is having trouble with some of her friends, because she tries to be bossy. She does have friends, but they are the kind that will let her be in charge. She's definitely not a sheep. This is what makes her so hard to live with, but I'm also very proud that she does things her way. Though it would be nice if she did them my way once in a while.
I took her to the book fair. She begged for a dragon book. It had no stories. It had four posters inside which I knew she would promptly mistreat. In short, she was judging a book by its cover. It was all substance, no content. I did plan on coming back later to get it for Christmas, just because she wanted it so badly. That, of course, was a secret.

I purchased two other books she liked, but she complained loudly the whole time that all she wanted was the dragon book. She complained all the way to the car. I finally told her that she was an ungrateful child. She needed to focus on what she had not what she didn't have.

She is awful this way. If we take her to the zoo, instead of saying thanks, she complains if we don't buy her every souvenir that she wants. She has so much and yet seems grateful for none of it.

What are we doing wrong? Comments and suggestions are strongly requested.
Yesterday, I went cardigan shopping. I had seen a lovely shell and cardigan set at the store a few weeks ago. Of course, those were long gone. Here are my list of cardigan requirements.

1. Not heavy material. It adds bulk. I don't need no more stinkin' bulk.

2. Not a gigantic collar. Those make my hair part in the back like the Red Sea.

3. Not a cardigette. Those are the ones that stop short right on top of my belly.

What I do want is a light weight, collarless, covers my fat gut cardigan. Sadly, there were no cardigans that met my requirements.

Fortunately, a Just My Size catalog came in the mail. I ordered a couple that seemed to meet the requirements. Black was out of stock, of course. Hopefully the ones that come do fit. I despise using mail order for clothing, but had no choice.
The Energizer Bunny Drum is almost done for SJ's costume. I need to make a harness. Not sure how I am going to. It's actually not a real drum. It's styrofoam covered with felt and yarn. I hot glued it and only burned the crap out of myself once. Not too shabby.
Once when reading upon dog behavior, I discovered that it is really important to dogs to be the first one in the door. If you have an agressive dog, you should always make them wait for you to go in the door first. This asserts your dominance.

Boots and Mandy were in the yard. She was far in front of him. I opened the door and they started running. Clearly, she was going to make it in first. Boots made a herculean leap and flew over her head as she came in the door. He wasn't quite first, but I think he saved his pride. There is some definite competition going on here.


Blogger Bearette24 said...

About my writing's offered through and I know they have classes in San Fran and L.A. Maybe one of those is convenient for you?

I feel like I know your kids already ;)

7:44 PM  
Blogger Bearette24 said...

Math is my unfavorite subject, too.

6:54 AM  
Blogger nobody1001 said...

I have some old suspenders. Maybe I can help with the drum tomorrow.

8:10 AM  
Blogger BabelBabe said...

si's the same way, carolyn. not thru lack of trying on our parts to get him to be appreciative. i tend to say things like, "how about a Gee, thanks, Mom?" and he generally gets the message. we're not doing anything major wrong, i don't think, some kids are just hardwired that way. jude is not llike that, for example.

8:14 AM  
Blogger Mad Rabbit said...

If you never were deprived of anything you want and if whatever your parents did not get for you 2 sets of doting grandparents did, how would you ever learn to be grateful??? It's not her fault. Some kids are better at saying thank you than others but by and large they are never that surprised anymore by getting what they want.
The answer, Kill the grandparents and just say no!!!!!!!!!!!!
But remember, they love to spoil you too.!!!

11:20 AM  
Blogger Mad Rabbit said...

And anyway if you really kill the gps who will come to babysit for the weekend just as your sanity is taking a farewell bow????????????

11:21 AM  

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