Saturday, October 15, 2005

Priorities, I Don't Need No Stinkin' Priorities!

I have posted a few times about my old school buddy "S." We don't have much in common anymore and her life is a constant drama in her own mind. Every time I talk to her, she is blaming all her problems on somebody else.

She recently made a "suicide attempt." She got in an argument with her mother. Her mother "disowned" her. (About time, I say.) Then she took a bunch of pills, but she called her mother and a family friend to tell them what she did. She conveniently remembers none of it.

I know that there are people who are truly in so much pain that they commit suicide. I am not taking that lightly. Certainly, I understand depression. S is a classic manipulator though. She will do anything to get her own way and I'm pretty sure that this is what she was up to.

About a week ago, S was talking to me and mentioned that her doctor yelled at her because she wasn't testing her blood sugar. (It was at 400.) She told him that the testing sticks were really expensive. I know that insurance doesn't cover the testing sticks and I think that is a crime in itself, but this isn't about the insurance companies. We all know that they're big weenuses.

My problem with the whole thing is that she has had her lips tattooed, at a cost of three-hundred dollars, she buys expensive perfumes, she gets her nails done constantly and her hair dyed and permed. None of these things are a crime, but I think I would buy my testing sticks first and THEN if I had some money left over, do the other things.

At least she'll be a well done up corpse.

She mentioned that she had gone shopping with her mother. She spent forty dollars on books alone. Then she said, "Now I guess I won't be able to afford to get my cat spayed."

Her cat is in heat constantly, dancing around her apartment. But by all means, let's buy some books instead of actually doing something like, say, go to the library.

I want to say to her, "WTF are you thinking?" I don't feel like I am the kind of friend that she needs. (unless she just needs a sounding board.) She is 35 going on 16 and I'm 36 going on 50.

She doesn't have any friends. She considers me one, but she wouldn't if she knew about my blog. Who could blame her?

I wish she would grow up, but remember the old saying, "If wishes were horses, than beggars would ride"?

My husband says it much more eloquently. He asks, "If you wished in one hand and crapped in the other, which one would fill up first?" hee hee

I guess we all have some priorities that are a bit skewed. I know I do. It seems that hers are a bit more skewed than most.

Well, she makes for some good blogging stories. If she only knew...Good thing she hates computers!


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