Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Still Catching Up

This has been a busy week thus far. It is hard to find blogging time.

The dinner plan for Halloween night was corn casserole, sos, and potato buds. (instant potatoes by Betty Crocker - not too bad).

I began mixing the corn casserole and realized that the corn bread mix that is supposed to go in it was missing. I had purchased it at the store the night before, but there was no sign of it. I placed what I had mixed in the fridge. Then I started cooking the hamburger for the sos.

The plan for the sos was to be super lazy and use a pre-packaged gravy mix. This was Halloween night. Time was of the essence!

The gravy mix was also missing. Ugh. I had hamburger cooking on the left burner and potatoes on the right. The potatoes were done and I turned them off. Oops wait, I turned off the hamburger. No problem. I would re-light the burner. Only I use a big long lighter to light the burner. (Otherwise I burn myself.) Guess what had walked off! The lighter was nowhere to be found. WTH!

There was a regular lighter in the house so I had my husband light the burner. He is not lighter impaired like I am.

I made the gravy from scratch and somehow dinner got on the table, but for a while there I was a screaming maniac. Well actually, I am usually a screaming maniac.

We should get the stove fixed but it seems like something around here always need fixed. There are many joys of home ownership. Stuff breaking down constantly isn't one of them.
J went trick or treating with friends. I'm glad she still does it. When I was in high school, I still wanted to trick or treat but my friends were too "cool". I'm glad her friends will still do it.

Two years ago, when J was trick or treating a lady asked her if she wasn't a bit old to be doing it. I wish I had been there to set the beeyatch straight.

That happened to me when I was eleven. (I was large for my age.) Some old bitty told me that since I was so big to be trick or treating, she was only going to give me a little piece of candy. Talk about ruining Halloween.

She shaped my future Halloween philosophy, I'll give her that. Anybody can come to my house trick or treating and I will give them candy. Fifty years old? No problem. As long as you are young at heart, I will share my chocolate.
All hell is breaking loose behind me right now. Take one 2 year old tyrant. Fill him with some sugary candy. Watch the explosion. Oh yay!

Time to go put out some fires!


Blogger Bearette24 said...

i trick or treated when i was 17. i got some odd looks, though ;)

11:07 PM  
Blogger nobody1001 said...

That was the very first house you went into. I could have pounded that woman into the ground. If you don't have the spirit, don't leave your damn lights on!

8:09 AM  
Blogger Bearette24 said...

What's the sos?

8:24 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Shit on a shingle. It's a hamburger gravy usually served on toast. You're probably sorry you asked.

6:41 AM  

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