Monday, December 12, 2005

Only Thirteen Days Till Christmas - AAAGGGGHH

Christmas is hovering like a psycho stalker. I can feel it watching me, waiting to pounce. Wait, I'm not done shopping yet!

We got the tree yesterday. My husband has posted pictures on his blog, but I haven't yet. Slacker me!

We went to a tree farm. The tree farms in Apple Hill use the same stumps every year. You have to leave at least two layers of growth. Then they graft (is that the word?) a new tree to the old. I never feel bad buying one of their trees, because I know that I am not killing them, merely borrowing a limb.

There was one problem with this method. Many times I would find what looked like the perfect tree, only to realize it was a clump of three separate trees growing off one trunk. They looked spectacular together but pretty sad individually.

My husband finally found the perfect one about twelve feet off the ground. Finding it probably took us about an hour.

We were going to decorate it tonight, but both "A" and my husband fell asleep. That ain't right!

I am seeing my friend Sarah tomorrow. She has been taking a class at the nearest community college. She has four kids, so one class is plenty. I got an e-mail from her telling me that she got an A on her final and her birthday was Sunday. So I baked her a surprise congratu-birthday cake.

It was going to be red velvet, but I didn't have red food coloring. So it is not pretty, but hopefully tastes good.

Some of my fellow bloggers were complaining of colds. Now I am getting one. Is this what they mean by a computer virus? Did Gina or Bearette give me this? Gee guys, don't you cover your keyboards when you cough?

There is still much for me to do tonight. You know the old saying, "No rest for the wicked." I think I will get to it before the Ny-Quil kicks in.


Blogger Gina said...

So sorry about your cold, Carolyn! I swear I cover my mouth! In fact, there was a day when I was sick that I felt a huge sneeze coming on, so I grabbed a kleenex and held it in front of my face. When I took the huge inhale that preceded the sneeze . . . I inhaled the kleenex too, and choked. THAT was pretty, I can tell you. :-)

8:25 AM  
Blogger Mad Rabbit said...


8:46 AM  
Blogger Bearette24 said...

Sorry about the cold!! There was that time I sneezed on the keyboard...just kidding. I've been pretty healthy lately.

That's so nice about the trees!

And Christmas is kinda like a psycho stalker. A very expensive one. I'm going to suggest that buy-for-one person thing for next year, although my family probably won't go for it either :(

9:06 AM  
Blogger CheerleadingTechie said...

Can't we just skip Christmas this year...?

10:52 AM  
Blogger nobody1001 said...

It's hard to get excited when you are sick. When you are an adult, it's hard to get excited about Christmas anyway unless you are going to watch kids open their gifts.

12:08 PM  
Blogger BabelBabe said...

I told my husband to bring a tree home...any tree, I just did not care what it looked like. I just knew I did not want to stand out tin the cold with three little boys trying to pick one. When we all know they are ALL crooked anyway.

1:32 PM  

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