Friday, December 09, 2005

Somebody Stop This Crazy Ride

Ah, December. It is the month of sugarplums, excited children, Santa Claus, holiday music, good will towards man and general CHAOS AND MAYHEM.

I will visit the gym in January, really I will.

This week I started my baking on Wednesday night. My husband works at home on Friday and Monday so I wanted the baked goods ready for Thursday. He woke up at three a.m. Thursday morning, with the stomach flu. Goody. I was not sending crappy, stale baked goods on Tuesday.

Fortunately, I was able to share most of it with friends who didn't mind at all. Unfortunately, there were still large amounts of sweets begging me to consume them. My usual four-months pregnant belly looks at least five to six months along today. Yuck.

I still have to bake for my husband's co-workers too and finish shopping and finish wrapping and finish decorating and...somebody please just shoot me now. Ho ho holidays.
A local radio station is having a poetry contest where you write a rhyme to compete for the grand prize of...LIPOSUCTION! I am going to enter this. I'm not kidding. Anyone else interested in making a total fool of themselves needs to go to Then click on the rave morning show. The contest is called "happy new rear."
SJ gave us our heart-stopping moment a few days ago. He was standing in the sink. No big deal, right? I started to the kitchen to get him. There are two different entrances to our kitchen. While I was half-heartedly trotting towards one of them, my husband noticed that SJ had his hand on the switch to the garbage disposal. My husband was running like mad, but he didn't make it in time either. Whirrrrrrrr. My heart flew in my throat. I am so thankful that the child did not have his feet or hands or any other body part down in the garbage disposal. That would have been his next step had my husband not hauled him out of the sink.
SJ had the pleasure of doing lots of shopping with me this week. Every time he saw a man with gray hair, he chanted, "I love Papa!"

His grandparents haven't come up in a while. He seems to have forgotten what his real Papas look like. Maybe someday they will come visit us again.

I had to buy walnuts this week to bake with. Those stupid things are expensive. Usaully the grandparents come up and bring some, but they haven't visited us in a while. Maybe someday they will come and visit us again.

Our kitchen still needs to be finished. Usually the grandparents come up and help us with this stuff. They haven't been up in a while though. Maybe someday they will come and visit us again.

Oops, am I sounding repetetive?
I got my van back today. It cost nothing as long as you don't count the rental car. The same jerk who was so rude to me when I took it in was extremely pleasant and gave me personal service. It made me suspicious. What do they know that I don't? They must be expecting me within the next three months for a repeat visit. Too bad they don't have a frequent visitor discount program.
SJ has his first real barber appointment tomorrow. That should go well, really. I can hardly wait.


Blogger BabelBabe said...

ohmigod. i am soooooo glad we disconnected our garbage disposal. (the switch was UNDER THE COUNTER - positioned by the same fool who put the bathroom light switch IN THE SHOWER, i am sure.)

but i laughed too - so i am glad sj is intact. erm.

i'm right there with the lipo - if they can put the butt/tummy fat into my boobs, even better!

hang in there carolyn, only 14 shopping days till xmas! and then we can drink ourselves silly.

1:49 AM  
Blogger Bearette24 said...

C, you always make me laugh. Merry Christmas ;) And good luck with the liposuction contest ;)

9:30 AM  
Blogger OldHorsetailSnake said...

Why don't you wait on the haircut in case the grandparents come and visit you again.

10:48 AM  

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