Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Usual Chaos and Mayhem

Today consisted mostly of running around like a headless chicken.

I KNOW there's some things I forgot to do. If only I could remember what they were.

I mailed out my last minute packages. One of them contained my sister's birthday gift. She was born on Christmas Eve, poor thing. If I were her, I would celebrate my birthday in October so it wouldn't get overshadowed. Then again, once you pass thirty, having your birthday overshadowed is a good thing.

While I was standing in the line to mail my packages, I met Joan Rivers. Well actually, it was her doppleganger. Still, it was uncanny. The woman appeared to be the same age. She had also obviously had plastic surgery, but her plastic surgeon didn't leave her looking like the joker in Batman. She was like a pretty Joan Rivers. She had the same accent and the same voice. She even had the same hair. Freaky.

One time in line at the bank, I met a girl who looked like Kirsten Dunst. Apparently, I live in a town of celebrity look-alikes. Or I am a little crazy or maybe both.

Is everyone else going crazy right now? Ah, December.


Blogger BabelBabe said...

I missed you, glad you're back and that you had a good visit.

7:06 AM  
Blogger nobody1001 said...

I could hardly wait until you blogged again. Go ahead and put on some funny stuff (even at my expense). It sure was a wonderful visit.

9:07 AM  

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