Friday, January 06, 2006

A Little of This, A Bit of That

Nothing hugely eventful happened today. It was a pretty nice day. I didn't get any housework done so I am a failure as a mother, but it was still a nice day.

"A" wore her new Hello Kitty pajamas to school. They're really cute and don't look very pajama like. I gave her the option of wearing something else and she was brave enough to wear what she wanted to.

When I walked her to the classroom, a (snooty) little girl named Rachel walked up and asked, "Allison are you those your PAJAMAS?"

"Yes," I said. "We thought they were such cute pajamas that they would be good to wear to school.

Miss Snooty sneered, "Annabella has a pair like that."

I replied, "Well then we know Annabella will like them." (Anabella is THE fashion maven of second grade.)

"Besides," I said, "A's" older sister, who is in high school, wears pajamas to school all the time. It's a fashion trend."

Rachel smiled at me then. It may have been a pitying smile as I was talking about fashion trends while wearing sweats, no make-up and my crazy hair.

The end result was the same. Nobody teased my child about her pajamas. It may have been because they were scared of her crazy mother. Whatever works, huh?
SJ had his occupational therapy today. He was bursting with energy. First, the kids play with different toys designed to give them sensory input. Then they go sing a few songs, always the same ones. Then they have a snack and juice. While we were having the snack, the little girl next to us started flapping her arms. Those kids, SJ included, are an arm-flapping bunch.

Maybe I have mentioned before that SJ has an unnatural clock/watch obsession. Wherever we go, he finds the first clock and yells, "KWOK."

He points at people's watches and says, "Watt!" He used to call watches "kwoks" but now he knows the difference.

Every time we get to his OT, he walks around the building pointing out every clock he can find. "Kwok, kwok, kwok," he jabbers. He probably gets called "clock boy" behind his back.
After OT, we went to the store to buy some bed pillows. The first thing SJ saw when we walked in the store was a big clock. They also had clocks for sale and he wanted to hold one while he was in the cart. He kept saying, "Open" so I had to put it back on the shelf. Later, we found a little blue alarm clock for a dollar so I added another clock to his collection.

We browsed the store, grabbed the pillows and some other stuff. My grand total was around thirty bucks. Pretty pricy for two pillows, huh?

From now on, I have to walk straight to what I need and then WALK OUT. Of course, I'm lying to myself if I think that will ever happen.

After we went to the store, we went to the Rite Aid drugstore next door for ice cream. Rite Aid used to be Thriftys, but then Thriftys went out of business and became Rite Aid.

There aren't many Rite Aids around anymore. The ones that are still around carry Thrifty brand ice cream. It's good stuff.

Thrifty used to be known for its ice cream. They had an ice cream counter that was just inside the door. People came in to get cheap, but good, ice cream cones.

I worked in Thrifty's for a short time and there was not an assigned ice cream scooper. When people came in for ice cream, whichever cashier drew the short straw got to scoop it.

It was hard as a rock and a total bitch to scoop. Rumor had it that a girl in one of the stores broke her wrist scooping it.

Every time I had to scoop it, I was cursing under my breath at the freaking SOB's waiting for it.

But, I digress. Their ice cream is really good and it was only 2.49 for two quarts.

Dryers (Edy's)ice cream rarely goes under four-dollars when it is on sale. Also, they, and most of the other ice-cream makers, have changed the box size from two quarts to one and three quarter quarts. Sneaky, huh? It's yet another way to part us from our hard-earned cash.

I grabbed double chocolate malted crunch, chocolate chip and pistachio. I was also eyeballing the rainbow sherbet and pecan praline. Even we can only eat so much ice cream, so I decided to save the other flavors for later.
SJ has a new quirk that I haven't mentioned yet. He washes the windows - only he does it by spitting on his hand and rubbing it around the window. Most of my windows are now spit smeared.

This kid is strange, very strange. I don't mind at all. He makes life quite interesting at times. He is my arm-flapping, spitting, clock-watching kid. Not everybody gets lucky enough to have a kid like that.
Tomorrow is my eleven year wedding anniversary. In eleven years, we have gone from one kid to three, from an apartment to a house, moved four hours away from our folks and have gained (I aint' saying how many) pounds.


Blogger BabelBabe said...

happy anniversary! our 11th is in february. surprised i made it that far without killing either him or myself.

primo had a clock thing. he loved them and saw them everywhere we went. he too differentiated b/w clocks and watches. i even made him a clock book - i cut out pics of every clock or watch i could find in magazines and newspapers and glued them to construction paper so they were all in one place for him to revel in. (i wonder where that book is now? think we lost it in the move.) he LOVED it. hey, so, why not go with it? I like how you do.

and as for the snotty Rachel - tell A. I am wearing my pajamas to the grocery store RIGHT NOW. So there, little wretchy Rachel! Hmph.

3:15 AM  
Blogger Bearette24 said...

happy anniversary! my sister used to work at brigham's and developed a scoop muscle...on one side.

6:14 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Oh, Babelbabe, that clock book is a great idea. I think I'll do that!

So Bearette, if you made your sister mad, did she whack you up beside your head with her scooping arm? LOL

8:31 AM  
Blogger Bearette24 said...

Hehe, no violence in the family. My other sister can do a Billy Idol-style snarl, though (one lip up).

12:44 PM  
Anonymous mad rabbit said...

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2:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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