Saturday, January 14, 2006

Sock Matching Saturday

Today we have been trying to catch up on housework. This is the race we never win. Laundry is among my biggest problems.

The trash can in the above picture is ALWAYS filled with socks to be matched up. You can also see a small sampling of the socks to be matched. There was a pile of white socks much bigger than all the other piles combined.

"J" never wants to match up socks. One time in the store, she actually asked me to buy her more socks. She's very good at spending money that isn't hers. I just laughed at her.

Her assignment today was to match socks. She did it for quite a few hours but it still isn't done. I'm not even sure where to put them all now. I bet she could tell me where to put them.
"A" brought home a poster to fill out on Friday. She is the "super star" next week. The poster has a place to fill in her name, favorite foods, hobbies etc. Since school starts Tuesday, she only has four days of superstardom instead of the usual five.

Last year, the kindergarten teacher made her a superstar on a short week also. Are the teachers trying to tell me something?

"A" also gets to take in a "share" item every day next week. I told her to take in her taekwando uniform to show off her patches. This, to me, seems like something special to share.

No she wants to take in toys. Of course they will probably get broken. Oh well, less shit for me to shovel off the floor.
Mandy is still doing the whole submissive urination thing. No matter how slowly and calmly I wake up to her...SQUIRT! She's like a big, furry, dribbly sponge.
Yesterday my husband needed a special lotion that goes in his electric shaver. Longs doesn't carry it (despite carrying the razors - go figure) so I had to go to Walmart. Please don't hate me.

It was freaky, scary man day at Walmart. Every unemployed, serial killer, woman- hater was there. I swear I have never had so many freaks glare at me in the space of half an hour.

I thought it was just Walmart, but then later I saw one on a bike glaring at me. Maybe it was just freaky (man) Friday. Who knows?

I arrived home with my husband's lotions and realized the box had been opened. There were only four instead of five. Of course, it would cost more in gas to go back and exchange it than the lotion is worth.
Tomorrow we are celebrating Martin Luther King's birthday. We are having birthday cake and a special dinner.

I actually googled the expression "Martin Luther King's favorite foods", but couldn't find them. What did come up was a virtual tour of the house he was born in with facts about his family. It was a great web site.
"J" is watching "King Kong" with friends. I am driving them all so I must go pick them up. Everybody have a great weekend.


Blogger Bearette24 said...

Holy *&@%, that's a lot of socks.

That seems like an accurate description of the crowd at Wal-Mart ;)

Have a fun MLK birthday! You can put up a slice of cake on your blog if you want ;)

5:54 AM  
Blogger OldHorsetailSnake said...

Do you ever just have time to sit and contemplate your navel? Sounds like you are on the go 25 hours a day.

2:18 PM  
Blogger Ms.L said...

That's a lot of freaking socks!

I just got sick of doing that and hucked the ones that live in our sock basket out.
You know what happened right after though don't you?
We found all their mates!

We don't have a Wal-Mart yet and even though I know they're evil....I still kinda want one...
shopping sucks here.

Congratulations "A"!!
LOL,I'm all about breaking toys to decrease the collection too!

Enjoy your special day tomorrow:)

5:02 PM  
Blogger nobody1001 said...

Save the rest of the socks for your Dad to match up. He really doesn't mind.

8:26 AM  

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