Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Shopping Day

We needed several things today at different stores. We needed dog food, toiletries and groceries.

We ran out of dog food last night so that was tops on the list. Boots followed me around the house, staring from his bug eyes as I got ready.

If he could have talked, he would have said, "Hello idiot! I'm hungry. Breakfast is late. How darn stupid are you?"

It's a good thing he can't talk, huh?

"SJ" and I went to the pet store and grabbed food. We came home. I put it in a bowl and put it outside on the patio. Then I let Boots outside.

He sniffed at the food and walked off. This - after following me around glaring all stinking morning.

"SJ" and I left again to run the rest of our errands. Toiletries were first on our list.

One of the main things on my list was laundry related. Due to the copious amounts of laundry around here, I often don't get to my wet towels before they smell mildewed.

I have tried a cup of ammonia in the wash with no success in removing the smell. I have used half a cup of baking soda with okay results. I have used Downy with Febreze with okay results. The only thing that really works is a liquid Febreze that you add to your laundry.

Good luck finding it! I have found it in Walmart exactly twice. They had it. Then they got rid of it. Then they had it again. Then they got rid of it.

Today we were at Target. I knew they wouldn't have the Febreze but once they did have some All sheets that went in the dryer. Those weren't too bad. But...they don't carry those anymore.

I may just bleach every one of my damn stinky towels and ruin the color of all of them. Why is it so damn hard to get rid of mildew smell? And why, when you find a product that works, is it discontinued?

I did find my Glad Press N Seal, which I am addicted to. Once you use it, you will never go back to Saran Wrap. Unfortunately, it never goes on sale. They know it's popular and they have you by the short and curlies.

After we spent the gross domestic product of a third world country, we went to Trader Joe's to buy some groceries.

"SJ" had a meltdown in the Target parking lot but I wrestled him in his car seat and drove across the street.

Trader Joes is a good place to buy some things but not everything. The minute we got in the store, "SJ" said, "I want cookie."

He was referring to some very messy cupcakes. There were cookies right next to them so we grabbed those instead, as I didn't want to be the lady pushing the frosting covered cart.

"SJ"'s tantrum ended as he filled his belly. He was only hungry. He never tells me when he's hungry due to the whole PDD thing. Then again, "I want cookie" is a pretty big clue. He just never tells me unless food is in his sight.

A little girl stared enviously at "SJ" enjoying his cookie so I asked her parents if she could have one. They looked unsure about the whole thing but they let her have it. I know it went against the whole "don't take candy from strangers" thing but you should have seen her hungry little eyes.

We finished in Trader Joe's and went home to have lunch.

The rest of the day went pretty typically.

I had to wake "SJ" up from his nap to pick up "A".

Then she had to go to taekwando.

Then I had to cook dinner and now I am helping her with her homework, which I hate. This probably earns me the bad mom award. I don't care. I hate helping with homework. I wish they could do it their own darn selves. See how completely suited I am for home-schooling!

My poor husband is waiting for the computer. I'm taking pity on him now. Toodles.


Blogger Gina said...

I just ordered some stuff called Charlie's Soap that I found on a link on Finslippy's blog, and it came yesterday. I did a load of towels that had been sitting on the basement floor for a few days, and they smell totally clean--and I didn't use a dryer sheet at all. Here's the link:

I try to stay as far away from helping with homework as possible. I sort of figure that if Teddy make a mess of things, that's between him and his teacher.

6:34 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Gina - thank you - thank you - thank you.

6:44 AM  
Anonymous mad rabbit said...

Isn't the point of homework to see how much the kid knows. It was at my house, cuz I couldn't figure out the "new math" so my boys were on their own. Good thing they were bright boys.
Maybe gramps can sling you up a makeshift clothesline when we come up so at least the towels can be dirty and dry when you wash them.

9:50 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

We have to read out loud to her how to do it. We have to help with her sentence writing - spelling, capitalization, punctuation. She is supposed to be reading 20 minutes a night AND be practicing math facts 20 minutes a night. Bwahahahahahahah.

10:18 AM  
Blogger Ms.L said...

Have you posted a pic of your doggie??
If not,can I see?Pretty pleeeeeease?;p
When we run out of dog food,Beans gets cat food,she thinks she's died and gone to heaven,hee.

HEY! If you homeschool,then you can start hanging out with your neighbors! Bwah!

I love what you said on Lisa's blog too!

11:19 AM  

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