Friday, February 24, 2006

Two's Company - Three's A Crowd - Four With The Puke Flu Should NOT Be Allowed

My six-year old came down with the puke flu on Monday. My two-year old came down with it Tuesday. I got it Wednesday night. Finally, today, nobody else in the family was feeling funny so I thought we were done.

But fifteen-year old came down with it today. I picked her up from school and, for once, my slobby ways paid off. There was a bag in my van that she grabbed to hurl in. And there were towels in my van to put under the bag to keep it from leaking. Thank goodness for small favors.

This house is dangerous to live in right now. Most people would pick a hunting trip with Cheney over visiting here, if they knew what was good for them.
Since SJ is turning three, the department of education will be taking over with his speech and occupational therapy. I am sad.

Pride and Joy, the agency that has been working with him, was excellent. I especially loved his speech therapist, Tish, as did he.

It kind of made me laugh the way he said her name too, "Tit!"

While it will be great to have him in pre-school a few hours a day, I would gladly give it up for another year with Tish.
My stomach is still feeling kind of hinky and I don't have much to say. It's time to visit everyone else's blogs where I always have something to say.


Blogger BabelBabe said...

"You need nine, strong and quick, to field a game of pigglystick."

I do love sandra Boynton : )

Glad you are feeling marginally better.

8:58 AM  
Blogger Ms.L said...

Awww Love I hope everybody gets well right NOW...

12:12 PM  
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