Thursday, March 23, 2006

Another Week - Another Gray Hair or Ten

Thank you everybody for all the kind comments about SJ yesterday. I probably don't deserve all the credit, but I'll take it anyway.

We have been eating pretty decently on this diet, but I would love a showstopper recipe.

My old showstopper was chicken cordon bleu. Unfortunately it involed flour, butter, cream and swiss cheese. That's too much substitution to get around.

If I presented my husband with cordon bleu made with rice flour, margarine, almond milk and soy cheese, he would slay me with his fork.

Does anybody have a great recipe without cream or cheese they would like to share, please?
It's hard to believe another week is almost over.

I remember when my driver's license had written across it in big red letters "under twenty-one until 1990." Time dragged slower than an old lady in the crosswalk while you watch your green light turn to red.

Now it is moving at warp speed. My wrinkles are getting more pronounced. My hair and skin are beginning to resemble the Sahara desert.

Yesterday "A" and I went to the gym after we dropped guy at pre-school.

(She starts back to school next week and I will have two hours a day all to myself. Two hours! I'm almost giddy.)

Our gym built a new facility closer to where I live. It's not such a long drive anymore.

They don't offer any afternoon cycle classes so I do the elliptical machine. Yesterday I set the mode I wanted, entered my weight and time I wanted to exercise.

I exercised for thirty minutes, the time I entered, and then the machine automatically entered a five-minute cool down. What the heck! Doesn't sitting in the corner panting count as a cool down?

I burned a measly 328 calories. Why does it take so much longer to burn it than to cram it in my mouth?
On Tuesday I noticed a teeny-tiny moth flying around in my van. I rolled down the window and it flew out, or so I thought.

On Wednesday morning, I got in the van and it suddenly flew up my noise. I started snorting furiously like a coke-fiend in reverse.

I'm not sure why it flew up my nose. Perhaps I'll quit storing our flashlights up there.

I hate moths. They seriously creep me out. I even remember the moment it started.

My Dad and I were on the ferris wheel at night and the lights attracted them. They were rushing towards the lights, but I thought they were attacking.

Silly that they still creep me out, but such is life. They're nasty buggers, plain and simple.
I'm sure I have regaled you with the mundane happenings in my life long enough and it's time to get to work anyway. Work - a four letter word if I ever heard one.


Blogger OldHorsetailSnake said...

Geez, Mom, in 30 minutes you burned one donut?

I think you might as well just go ahead and get fat.

(Heh. Hoss 1, Mom 0)

9:57 AM  
Blogger Bearette24 said...

Smenita, there are two good vegan recipes in Quick Vegetarian have that one, right?

Tofu hoisin with cashews and vegetables, p. 169

Vegetable couscous, p. 133 (just take out the butter, I do).

12:15 PM  
Blogger Bearette24 said...

Oh, and the penne with spinach and chickpeas in garlic sauce (p. 124) rocks...just leave out the parmesan on's only a little bit anyway. You can also try the Mexican red beans and rice (p. 164) and leave out the sour cream. The veggie curry on p. 150 is also good - just leave out the butter. (I always substitute olive oil anyway.)

The skillet tofu, yellow squash and peppers with melted cheese (p. 172) can probably be made without the cheese.

12:17 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Thanks, Bearette.

12:25 PM  
Blogger BabelBabe said...

"A good recipe without butter or cream"? Such a thing unfortunately does not exist in my repertoire. Fortunately Bearette has the answer - just take it out! Gah! : )

You were cracking me up, a nice way, I mean.

6:44 PM  
Blogger verniciousknids said...

Carolyn: your life does not sound mundane!

Bearette: you have made me hungry now!

Babelbabe: I like your pic!

12:33 AM  

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