Monday, March 13, 2006

Calgon, Take Me Away

The above photo is courtesy of my daughter "J". That is our dog but the thermometer was photo-shopped.
This house is looking so bad! It is making everyone crazy. Yesterday my husband proclaimed that we were having a house-cleaning party.

It sounded great to me. Only I was the only one who attended the party. When there are five people messing and one person cleaning, it's completely impossible for it to look like anything but the aftermath of a tornado.
The kids are bad about picking up a toy or book, playing with it a bit, and then throwing it on the floor.

SJ threw a book on the kitchen floor. I told him, "Hey, pick up that book."

He leaned over, picked it up, and threw it two feet away on a different spot on the floor.

Technically, he picked it up. What more could I want?
Our local radio station is having a contest to win Black-Eyed Pea tickets.

To win tickets, you have to make the DJ's laugh.

A woman called in and told Old Hoss's joke about the pirate with the steering wheel down his pants.

She won the tickets. I will have to raid Old Hoss's blog next time I want to win a joke-telling contest.
I am now enjoying almond milk. I'm not completely sure I will be returning to cow's milk.

I do miss cream cheese and yogurt. I also miss regular cheese.

There is a brand of vegan cheese called "Follow Your Heart." Unfortunately it isn't sold in this area. Boo hoo.


Blogger Joke said...

That picture has made me laugh like an idiot. Be glad espresso is a short beverage, lest a mess be made.


9:42 AM  
Blogger Ms.L said...

Mmm,almond milk,that sounds good!

Since you were the only one who showed for the cleaning party,perhaps the no shows should pay for a maid?? Hmm?? Hmmm??

2:26 PM  
Blogger verniciousknids said...

Maybe you need to send formal invites to the next cleaning party?!

6:12 PM  
Anonymous mad rabbit said...

I think a family meeting with a declaration that "nobody eats til the house is cleaned and EVERYBODY WORKS" is definately in order. Remind them (gently or otherwise) that you do not live and mess the house alone and you do not expect to clean it alone.! Be firm dammit!

11:27 AM  

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