Monday, March 20, 2006

One Potato, Two Potato

Old Hoss has been BEGGING me for more potato posts.

So here goes.

Not too long ago, Old Hoss and Feelgood were walking on the beach.

Old Hoss noticed that all the ladies were checking out Feelgood and not looking at him.

"Feelgood, what's your secret?" he asked.

"Well," said Feelgood. "I put a potato down my swim trunks."

Old Hoss found that an interesting idea so he purchased his own potato and met Feelgood back on the beach.

All the ladies were looking at Hoss, but they were laughing too.

"Feelgood, I don't understand why they're laughing," said Hoss. "I did like you said,"

"Well, " said Feelgood, "You're supposed to put the potato in the FRONT of your trunks."


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