Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm Supposed to be Cooking Dinner Right Now

Regrettably I had to take both monsters to the grocery store today.

SJ is usually good when I take him by himself, but get the two together and it's bye bye sanity time.

When I got in line at the checkout, I realized I had forgotten the rice. So we had to trek back to the rice.

By the time we were checked out, I was frazzled. I told the cashier they needed to change the impulse buy area.

My suggestion was that instead of candy bars and magazines, they stock tequila and wine.

She looked at me like I was a little crazy.

"A" is off school for the next month so I might be.
We are trying a new dog food out. It is the Science Diet please don't fart so damn much Sensitive Stomach dog food.

So far it's not working very well.

These dogs are so heinous that if you put corks in their hind ends, first they would start floating. Then they would explode in a hail of gas-scented glory.

In fact, we could down the insurgency in Iraq. The threat of our new secret weapon would lead them all to surrender.

"Please no, anything but the BOSTONS!"
And now I really will cook dinner.


Blogger OldHorsetailSnake said...

No, no, Caro. What you need is the Science Diet Sensitive Bunghole dog food. Fix 'em right up....

5:02 PM  
Blogger Iamthebookworm said...

I hope the new food helps!

6:46 PM  
Blogger Sarah Louise said...

laughing. "anything but the Bostons!"

hope dinner went well.

my aunt feeds her dogs green beans.

still laughing.

7:50 PM  
Blogger daysgoby said...

Have you ever read the Walter the Dog series?

Let me know if you find ANYTHING that works.

8:23 PM  
Blogger craftydabbler said...

I thought of the Walter the Farting Dog books, too. My daughter really likes the first one.

8:55 PM  
Blogger Ty said...

I have tried every dog food out there to try and stop my dog from having the nastiest farts.

Nothing works. There are times where I hate that dog, he'll cut one and leave the room. I'm not kidding.

I have 2 kids here at work with me today, we're heading to the doctor at 10:40 so I may be joining you in going crazy.

6:17 AM  
Blogger Caro said...

Old Horse - I'll call Petsmart and see if they carry that. Should I record the phone call?

Bookworm - I hope so too, but I doubt it.

SL - Cecil will eat green beans!

Daysgoby - I've heard of them. I think some parent tried to get them banned from the school library.

Crafty - I'll have to go check one out at our library. I'll bet my kids would like them too.

Ty - I was teasing my husband yesterday telling him I was sure it was Take Your Kids to Work Day. He wasn't buying it. :)

7:22 AM  
Blogger Waspgoddess said...

Oh, and I was so tempted to get a Boston :) Now I'm having second thoughts.

7:27 AM  
Blogger Ms.L said...

LOL Good luck on the new food!
Annie(loaner dog) is a fart machine,there is nothing worse than dog farts,eww yuck ick puke.

12:35 PM  
Blogger beadinggalinMS said...

My son's dog thinks she has to sleep under my desk where the computer is. Her knickname is Miss Stinky cause of her farting!!
When ya get a chance will ya drop me an email at
Thanks!! :)

2:04 PM  
Blogger Gingers Mom said...

Ah I love your idea for the impulse buy area. But then again, every mom in America would be an least the smart ones.
Will you come and make me dinner too?

3:02 PM  
Blogger Undomestic said...

I find that the free cookie they give to our kids at the grocery store works well to keep mine calm for a few aisles. Maybe you could request a Gluten Free one!!!!! I totally agree with you on the tequila at the checkout. You should go into marketing!

10:12 PM  
Blogger velcro said...

impulse area at the supermarket...forget the vodka and tequila, it's valium and cattle prods that I need, otherwise how on earth am I going to get that grumpy 3year old to walk the everysolong 15 min walk home from the supermarket?

6:46 AM  
Blogger Chelle said...

Hey I agree with you on the impulse buying even when I don't have my kids with me..hehe

Good luck with the new dog food....we don't have dogs....but friends do....ther eis NOTHING worse than dog farts...O M G!!!!

9:51 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

Poor Cecil!

7:08 AM  
Blogger Caro said...

Waspgoddess - They're the best of the little dogs.

Ms. L. - There's one thing worse than dog farts, multiple dog farts. :P

BeadingGal - How funny. Our first Boston's nickname is Farty McFat Butt.

GM - You mean we aren't ALL closet alcoholics? Oops. Regarding dinner, do you feel like toasted cheese sandwiches? :)

Undomestic - They don't have gluten-free ones. But that cookie did used to buy me five minutes of silence.

Velcro - I have the funniest visual picture of you walking your child home...

Chelle - The food isn't working. Sigh.

Liz - Poor us. Hee hee.

3:22 PM  
Blogger Pendullum said...

I would suggest that they have a free sampling area of tequila...

5:25 AM  
Blogger Caro said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12:28 PM  
Blogger Caro said...

Pendullum - Now that is a capital idea!

12:29 PM  

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